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Product Overview

The EoTech Holograpic Weapon Sight (HWS) is a staple in the professional community for durabilty, accuracy, and speed.  The EXPS3 model of the EoTech Holographic Sights adds nightvision use capabilty and integrates a 7mm riser into the base for easier use while under nightvision goggles.  This model has the EoTech 2 Dot reticle.


What We at Precision Delta Like About the EXPS3-2

When we are setting our rifles, we almost always reach for an EoTech EXPS3 sight.  While the sight is a larger footprint than many other options, it makes up for its size with what it offers.  The EoTech sight picture is huge, it is offers unmatched field-of-view and speed.  Target transitions are fast and the massive 68MOA outer ring makes aquiring yout dot effortless.  We have started using the 2-dot reticle almost exclusively.  Unmagnified, the 2-dot reticle can appear as one larger center dot, which works great up close; but put a magnifier behind it and the 2-dot really shows its benefits.  Not only does having the 2-dots give you a ballistic reticle but it also gives you a quick reference for if your firearm is level side to side.

Transitioning from visible to NV is as east as a one button press, No twisting of nobs searching for the right click.  The EXPS3 series integrates a 7mm riser into the sight, that raises the night to a more natural height to keep you from banging your nods on your gun while trying to get behind the sight.  The large sight and bright NV reticle window makes finding the reticle a unconconscious task.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review